Were you wrong in purchasing your tracks? Did you get confused? Did you buy the wrong rubber crawlers?


Download here the Return Form , complete it and attach it to the “Claim e-mail” that has to be sent at the e-mail address within 14 days from the receipt of the rubber crawlers. All the claims procedures accepted by EURO TRADING GROUP s.r.l. have transport costs that are at the expense of the customer.

Please take note that you have to specify in the e-mail: the reason of your return, the order number, the product code (rubber track measure), the order date and the receiving date, pictures of the serial numbers and pictures of the complete rubber crawlers.

In the case you missed some piece of information, the Claims & Returns Service is not guaranteed.


Legal notes:


All the returns must be previously approved per e-mail by EURO TRADING GROUP. The return conditions are determined from time to time in accordance with the customer and EURO TRADING GROUP will arrange the return shipping of the rubber tracks. All the transport costs concerning the Returns of rubber crawlers will be charged to the customer and, on the base of the product condition, Euro Trading Group will refund as soon as possible the product amount (excluded all those expenses directly sustained by Euro Trading Group, such as transport costs).


The rubber tracks refund is possible only for those rubber crawlers which haven’t been used or placed on any machineries and returned in the original packaging, without both structural or aesthetical damages.

Download the Return Form