Bauma 2019: Yanmar shows its new gas- and diesel-powered industrial engines

Pubblicato : 02/04/2019 11:23:52
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Bauma 2019: Yanmar shows its new gas- and diesel-powered industrial engines

Born in 1912 in Osaka, Japan, Yanmar has been the first compact diesel-powered engines’ producer reaching the success in the early 1933. Maintaining the engines as its main solid base of the company production, Yanmar went on with the experimentations and the enlargement of its production range, specializing in the supply of building machineries and industrial equipment. As they confirmed, the sectors covered by the Japanese brand are already seven: small and large engines, agricultural machinery and facilities, construction equipment, energy systems, marine equipment, machine tools, and components.

What will exhibit Yanmar at Bauma Munich in 2019 are the new generation gas-powered engines: 4TN88G and 4TN-9G. From the 8th to the 14th of April 2019 the Japanese brand will also show the new high-power range diesel engines up to 155Kw: 4TN101 and 4TN107.

“Every single model shown at Bauma München, represents and confirm our promise to meet the various and different needs of our customers” this has been declared by Carlo Giudici sales manager of Yanmar Europe industrial train. “We continue to maximize the offer for our customers, expanding our production line, increasing the existing product catalogue and maintaining a high-level quality of Yanmar products and services.”


Industrial gas engine: 4TN88G, 4TN98G

Yanmar products portfolio has been strengthened by this new low noise, environment friendly, clean burning gas engines. Thanks to the small particulate emissions and the low noise produced by the new gas-powered engines, these are ideal for indoor works and where environment gains a central role, in contrast to the diesel engines. In this way the Japanese producer is growing its products inventory, in order to get stronger for welcoming the new specific bi-fuel engine: LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) and gasoline. So Yanmar is now able to supply its customers with a “One-Stop Solution” that will satisfy the necessities of all the workers in the sector.


Industrial Diesel engine: 155kW maximum output

2018 has been a significant year for Yanmar who celebrated the 50th anniversary of the launch on the market of its first rubber-tracked self-powered mini-excavator and at Intermat fair in Paris made their debut the two new high-output engines: 4TN101 and 4TN107, respectively 105kW and 90-155kW. These new products will be exposed also in Bauma München, where the public will be able to observe them again. This time, for the first time, the new engine 4TN107 with single turbocharger will be featured with DOC+DPF+SCR emission after-treatment system.



Where to find Yanmar at Bauma fair 2019

During the Munich fair trade of April 2019, you will find the Japanese factory at Hall A4: Stand number 425.

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