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This site, owned by EURO TRADING GROUP s.r.l., was designed for electronic commerce.

The available languages for browsing and placing orders are Italian, English, French, Spanish and German.

The user of the site is the one and only responsible for the use of powertrack.shop and its contents.

EURO TRADING GROUP cannot be considered responsible for any not complying with the law use of the website and its contents made by website users, except for the responsibility of EURO TRADING GROUP for fraud and severe negligence.

Specifically, each user is the one and only responsible for the communication of inaccurate, false, or given without consent third parties' information and data.

Finally, since each material will be downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service at the user own choice and risk, responsibility for any damage to computer systems or loss of data resulting from downloading material from the web site cannot be attributed to EURO TRADING GROUP.

EURO TRADING GROUP does not accept the responsibility for damages resulting from inaccessibility of certain services on the site or from damage caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, interruptions of services, deletion of content and issues related to the network providers, telephone and / or computer, unauthorized access to and alteration of data, failure and / or malfunctioning of the user's electronic hardware.

The user is responsible for housing and proper use of personal information, including credentials that permit access to the reserved services, and for any harmful consequence or injury that may arise against EURO TRADING GROUP or third parties as a result of incorrect use, loss, theft of such information.


EURO TRADING GROUP reserves itself the right to make changes to the website without notice.

The following Terms of Use may be modified by EURO TRADING GROUP, without notice, also in consideration of regulatory changes.

Any new Terms of Use will have validity from the date of publication on powertrack.shop and will be applied to any sales concluded after the new disclosure.

Each user is therefore requested to regularly access this section.

We encourage the users who do not share, even only partially, what is contained in the General Terms of Use of powertrack
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Each user is encouraged to read the Privacy Policy section, even if he/she did not purchase any product.




EURO TRADING GROUP takes care everyday of all the tangible aspects of the products that we offer for sale: of their quality, both aesthetical and functional; of our reliability and ability as a company to undertake work with procedural and substantive fairness; of our response capabilities and our ability to facilitate communication with our Customers; of our ability to reassure and provide them with security, creating an environment oriented to the reception of their needs; of our ability to provide a service that is able to listen to the needs of each customer, in its specific individuality.

Our wish would be to never have to come to a dispute with any of our customers.

Nevertheless, the interpretation and the implementation of the sales contract between EURO TRADING GROUP and the Customer shall be subject to Italian law and jurisdiction. For sales occurred in Italy, the competent court shall be the one where the customer is domiciled.



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The user is moreover authorized to perform all the other website navigation operations that are performed only for a legitimate use of powertrack
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The user is not allowed to make reproductions, complete or partial, of powertrack
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EURO TRADING GROUP reserves itself the right to authorize any act of reproduction only upon specific request.


The exclusive owner of the logos and trademarks "EURO TRADING GROUP" and "Powertrack.shop" and any other distinguishing marks including the words "EURO TRADING GROUP" and “POWERTRACK” is EURO TRADING GROUP.

EURO TRADING GROUP, either directly or indirectly by persons related to the company is the owner of the domains "powertrack

All the other brands that distinguish the products sold on and contained in the powertrack
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No user, without the consent of EURO TRADING GROUP and of any other holder of trademarks published on the website, is authorized to use those marks, even for distinguishing goods or services not related to powertrack
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EURO TRADING GROUP is not required to review or to take action to monitor these websites and their content, therefore can EURO TRADING GROUP cannot be held responsible for the content of these sites or for the procedures adopted by them regarding the privacy policy.

Each user is invited to pay attention to the terms of use and privacy policy of those Web sites when connecting via links present on Powertrack

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Anyone interested in publishing hyperlinks to the homepage and to other web pages of powertrack.shop that are publicly accessible, please contact EURO TRADING GROUP at the following e-mail: [email protected].

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It is in any event forbidden the use of deep links (deep frames or deep links) to powertrack
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EURO TRADING GROUP strongly refuses to publish on its website contents that describe or represent scenes or situations of physical or psychological violence on individuals and animals or situations that may be considered affecting civil beliefs, human rights and dignity of persons and animals in all form and expression.

EURO TRADING GROUP constantly works to ensure that the contents published on the site do not contain incorrect or outdated information at the date of their publication.

Nonetheless, EURO TRADING GROUP assumes no liability towards the users regarding the accuracy and completeness of the contents published on its website.

EURO TRADING GROUP cannot guarantee its users that the website operates continuously without interruptions and without errors or malfunctions due to the connection to the Internet.

Although EURO TRADING GROUP will try to do everything possible to ensure continuous access to their website, the dynamic nature of the Internet and its content may not allow powertrack.shop to operate without suspension, interruption or discontinuity due to the need to operate updates the website.



The offer and the sale of products on our website ("powertrack.shop") are governed by these Terms of Sale.

The products purchased are sold directly by powertrack

Registered Office

Via San Marco 48

20121 Milano (MI)

P. IVA: IT09595440968

Cod. Fiscale e Reg. Imp. MI: 09595440968
REA: MI-2100737
Cap. Sociale 30.000€ i.v.

 E-mail: [email protected]


In compliance with national and international laws governing electronic commerce, our goal is to enable end users - potentially worldwide - to buy online buildings products quickly and easily.


Given that

Customer represents and warrants: To be of age, whereas the same data provided for the implementation of the Agreement are true and correct; that, whenever proceed to a purchase, has read and accepted the General Terms, the Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Information on the right of withdrawal set out below.

The General Terms are governed by Italian law and in particular by Italian Legislative Decree No 6 September 2005 206 on Consumer Code, in particular the rules on distance contracts, and by Italian Legislative Decree No 9 April 2003 70 on certain aspects of electronic commerce.

The following General Terms and Conditions may be modified by EURO TRADING GROUP without notice, in consideration of possible regulatory changes any new version of the General Terms will be valid from the date of publication on powertrack.shop and will apply to sales made after the new disclosure.

The following Terms of Sale do not regulate the provision of services or sale of products by anyone other than EURO TRADING GROUP that may be present on site powertrack.shop through links, banners or other hypertext links.


The Terms of sale in force is considered expressly accepted by the Customer at the same time as he/she completes, following the instructions, the order form and send it electronically to the EURO TRADING GROUP.

The order placed by the Customer shall be complete in its entirety.

Failure or improper transfer of data necessarily involves the inability to fulfil obligations established by any contract of sale concluded.

The order, if completed in its entirety and if accepted, will be stored in the database of EURO TRADING GROUP for the necessary period of time as provided by law.

Since an order form can contain products of different kinds the delivery of individual products that comprise the same order may be different.

For this reason, except for what is stipulated by the Clause of Return Policy, the Customer undertakes to accept the possibility of delivery at different times, refusing to take this fact as a title of refund.

EURO TRADING GROUP undertakes in accordance with the terms established by law, to promptly notify the Customer of any lack of product ordered and jointly, except as stipulated by the Clause about the Right of withdrawal, also undertakes to propose to the Customer reasonable alternatives.

EURO TRADING GROUP will transmit to the Customer, by e-mail, a summary order (ORDER DETAILS).

The summary order will include information the information regarding the purchased goods: unit and total price and transportation costs provided.

The pattern shown on the pictures uploaded on the web-shop powertrack.shop are purely representative and not binding for the orders.

It will be responsibility of PowerTrack to supply rubber tracks with identical pattern only if the products, with same measure, would be bought in pairs, in the same moment and order. 

Buying single rubber tracks the consumers are aware not to have the possibility to receive the same pattern in different orders and times.


The prices quoted for each item offered for sale by EURO TRADING GROUP on the site are public prices in Euro (VAT and package included) delivery costs excluded.

EURO TRADING GROUP reserves the right to change prices listed on the pages of the website without notice. In the case of a price increasement that occurred after the acquisition of orders not yet shipped, EURO TRADING GROUP applies the prices established by the website at the time of the order.


Orders shall not be binding on EURO TRADING GROUP until payment in full is received.


When paying by bank transfer, send the CRO/TRN (transaction reference number) and your Order Number to [email protected] if you want to reserve the rubber tracks.

When paying by credit card, financial information (eg, the number of credit card / debit card or expiration date) will be sent by encrypted protocol to PAYPAL which provide remote electronic payment services, without third parties access to them in any way.

Such information will never be known to EURO TRADING GROUP.

In case of refund operation, following the exercise of the right of withdrawal, EURO TRADING GROUP will put in place, through these banking circuits, the procedures necessary for the proper end of the repayment.

EURO TRADING GROUP will release all tax documents with the goods delivered.



Throughout Europe, we deliver by express and non-express couriers, we DO NOT DELIVER in extra CEE and extra Europe, in states such as: America, Asia, Australia… or any Country with customs restrictions.


Within three or ten working days, we deliver to your door or anywhere you like it. Delays and problems caused from the deliverer could not be ascribed to EURO TRADING GROUPS.


We offer free transport for all orders over 250€, except at particular times of the year, such as during the summer and winter holiday period or in cases of special need, in the following European countries:


Czech Republic




The Netherlands





- Islands must be considered excluded from this offer.


For the following Countries the shipping costs are calculated automatically at the time of order and before payment:











Delivery times are for general guidance only.

EURO TRADING GROUP will not be held liable for late delivery of goods caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.

EURO TRADING GROUP commits unless otherwise expressly stated, to deliver the ordered goods to the carrier, within a maximum of 10 (ten) working days from the date of issue of the Order Summary.



Any shipping damage must be reported to the carrier upon delivery and promptly notified by e-mail to EURO TRADING GROUP.


Complaints of any nature must be notified by e-mail within 14 (fourteen) days from the receipt of the products and must clearly state product code and name, order confirmation number, invoice number and date.

Returns, except as hereinafter stipulated in the Clause of Right of Withdrawal, must be approved by e-mail by EURO TRADING GROUP, under conditions to be determined from time to time.

Euro Trading Group s.r.l. will refund the sums already paid by the customer (excluding all the expenses payed by EURO TRADING GROUP s.r.l. such as transport fees) in the shortest time possible, only if the goods are returned in the original packaging material, with no damages and no signs.


Every producer is responsible for manufacturing faults of the products that EURO TRADING GROUP offers and sells on its website, for 12 months. EURO TRADING GROUP recognizes the guarantee only for the product, excluding transport costs, for the delivery of the new track and a possible return request for a technical analysis of the claimed product.

The photos of the products on the website are only intended to facilitate the recognition of the product by the customer.

The main features of the products are presented by EURO TRADING GROUP within each product profile.

Images and colours may not exactly correspond to the real ones, for the effect of the Internet browser and monitor, therefore packaging forms and colours on the website must be considered indicative.

EURO TRADING GROUP disclaims any liability for misuse of products.

EURO TRADING GROUP is not responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, suffered by the Customer for the abuse or misuse of the product, neglect, use of the product in an environment unsuitable.




The Client, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of items purchased on powertrack.shop may exercise his right to cancel his contract with Euro Trading Group s.r.l.


Euro Trading Group s.r.l. will arrange, with methods and times agreed with the customer, to collect the goods for which the customer intends to exercise the right of withdrawal.


The client must return the products for which he intends to exercise its right of withdrawal, at its own expense, with the original packaging. 

Euro Trading Group s.r.l. will refund the sums already paid by the customer who has exercised the right of withdrawal (excluding all the expenses payed by EURO TRADING GROUP s.r.l. such as transport fees) in the shortest time possible, only if the goods are returned in the original packaging material, with no damages and no signs.