Beijing 2022 Olympics: Sany and the snow wall

Pubblicato : 02/04/2022 08:30:00
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Beijing 2022 Olympics: Sany and the snow wall

During the Beijing Winter Olympics, a Chinese wall of snow was built to protect athletes from the wind.

This was done using SY85C crawler excavators from the Chinese Sany Group, which were also used in the construction of the snowboard ramps.

The latest news about Sany Group

SANY's new excavator makes its debut at RWM Exhibition.

SANY UK was present at the recent RWM Exhibition, the UK's largest recycling event. SANY's four popular excavator models, including the SY16C, SY26U, SY80U and SY155U, were showcased, and the fifth EU model, the SY215, was launched.

The SY215 is developed specifically for the EU and US markets, with improvements made to fuel consumption, reliability and operating comfort. The crawler model on display attracted many inquiries and many orders were placed on site. According to SANY's on-site manager, demand for SANY excavators in the UK has exceeded supply. SANY UK's sales volume is expected to enjoy 600% year-on-year growth.

SANY Global R&D Center officially operational

January saw the inauguration of the SANY Global Construction Machinery R&D Center in Kunshan, China.
By early December 2020, the main facility of the complex had been completed (read more A series of subsequent finishing and decoration works were then completed before the opening on January 7, 2022.

New world record for pumping height set by SANY trailer pump

In December, a SANY ultra-high-pressure trailer pump successfully achieved a record height of 380m in pumping concrete composed of C130 manufactured sand in Guiyang, China.

C130 processed sand is the strongest concrete in the world, with a compressive strength of 149.6 MPa that far exceeds that of granite. To put it more simply, each square meter of a concrete member must withstand 1,5000 t, a total weight of 3,000 adult African elephants.


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