Who made the Berlin wall fall?

Pubblicato : 11/11/2019 17:29:21
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Who made the Berlin wall fall?

Italy and Japan free Berlin from the wall which divide the German capital city in two from too many years. Even if officially the demolition of the death wall would have been started on the 13th June 1990, during the night of the 9th November 1989 tens of thousands of Germans came along the Berlin wall armed with bars, sticks, bats, pickaxes, in order to tear it down and finally put the city together again.

During 1989 the German Democratic Republic changed the laws for issuing permits to pass through the wall, as the migration flow was now out of control due to the very poor state of the partition wall. In Berlin the point of no return was reached thanks to the imprecise reply of the spokesman of the Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschlands, given during the press conference of November 9, 1989, with which the misinformed Günter Schabowski confirms to the pressing Italian journalist of Ansa Riccardo Ehrman, that the new rules on emigration are to be considered valid from that precise moment.

The poor and non-detailed information provided to the party representative and the fateful question posed by the journalist Ehrman 'Ab Wann? (From when?) referring to the entry into force of the new regulations on emigration and immigration, have allowed the immediate passage through the gates already present in the wall without any checks being carried out by the police.

The actual removal of the Berlin Wall took place in the following months, when Takeuchi branded tracked construction vehicles started working to remove the barriers between east and west of the German capital. It was during these works that the Japanese manufacturer of crawler excavators, founded in 1963, was put in the spotlight all over the world and gained an excellent worldwide reputation.

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