Biggest European Supercross circuit: Bobcat is at JLFO beck and call.

Pubblicato : 04/17/2018 11:50:54
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Biggest European Supercross circuit: Bobcat is at JLFO beck and call.

Within the 18th and the 19th of November 2017 in the new U Arena in Nanterre, outskirts of Paris, took place the most beloved event as for SX1, SX2 of the French SX Tour Supercross championship.

In order to achieve the big event JLFO, the organizing society, built up the biggest European supercross indoor circuit ever, thanks to Bobcat skid steer loaders and excavators.

JLFO, based in La Bastide-l’Eveque France, is a company specialized in organizing two and four-wheels events: such as cars, bikes, quads… In the past they organized more than 200 events and for realizing this circuit they faced many problems, one of whom have been the protection of the natural grass field of the U Arena, which is generally a soccer stadium. They accomplished the challenge building up the racetrack in only three nights and taking it apart in one.

Moving 4000 squared meters of soil have been possible just thanks to the use of five Bobcat tracked machineries: one compact-excavator with rubber tracks BOBCAT E62, two rubber tracked skid steer loaders BOBCAT T870, this one represents the biggest model ever produced from the American brand, one skid loader BOBCAT T650 and one excavator DOOSAN DX165W-5. With these tracked building machineries and three Bobcat expert operators, JLFO operators have been able to drop off different soils layers to create depressions, bumps, whoops and the traditional cross jumps.

Overall a team of 70 people, with the help of the five tracked Bobcat tracked machineries, worked for the realization of the Supercross event in Paris.

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