BOBCAT: remote control system

Pubblicato : 06/25/2019 12:27:42
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BOBCAT: remote control system

After 1 year from its 60th Birthday and after 61 years from the launch of the first skid streer loader, Bobcat proposes to the market a new easily portable industrial radio controller, which can be mounted and used on any building machinery in few minutes, offering to the operators a new work experience never lived before.

The possibility to drive a building machinery from afar does not only offer to the workers a totally new experience, but also a new and innovative, funny and favorable approach to the work, with a wider view of the working area and the possibility to conversate closer face to face to the co-workers and with other operators on the building site.

The advantages offered by the new Bobcat portable industrial Remote Controller is priceless. The remote radio controller allows the professional workers of the building sector to distance from dust, excessively high noises, vibrations, and all those areas of the construction sites that are too precarious and dangerous. The job can be easily and quickly done avoiding a lot of risks.

The major applications of the Bobcat industrial remote controller are construction, demolition, shipyards, construction sites, recycling, waste treatment plants, army

We all know very well all the risks that we can easily find in these locations: demolition and construction areas are mostly restricted and dangerous, noisy, dirty and rich of particulates and dust damaging for our health.


Product main features

Each Bobcat remote controller kit is delivered with two replaceable long-lasting batteries (almost 20 working-hours), a dedicated password, advanced security system with E-stop button and tilt-control, 3,5-inch transflective backlit LCD screen, speed management.


Attachments approved by the Bobcat remote control system

  •      Land Plane
  •      Landscape Rake
  •      Packer Wheel
  •      Pallet Fork
  •      Planer
  •      Root Grapple
  •      Scarifier
  •      Scraper
  •      Seeder
  •      Snow Blade
  •      Snow Blower
  •      Snow Pusher
  •      Snow V-Blade
  •      Sod LayerSoil Conditioner
  •      Stump Grinder
  •      Sweeper
  •      Three Point Hitch
  •      Tiller
  •      Tilt-Tatch
  •      Tree Spade
  •      Trench Compactor
  •      Trencher
  •      Vibratory Roller
  •      Wheel Saw
  •      Whisker BroomAngle Broom
  •      Auger
  •      Bale Fork
  •      Box Blade
  •      Breaker
  •      Buckets
  •      Combination Bucket
  •      Digger
  •      Dozer Blade
  •      Drop Hammer
  •      Dumping Hopper
  •      Farm Grapple
  •      Grader
  •      Industrial Grapple


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