Hinowa: new rubber tracked aerial platform from the LightLift 13.70 family

Pubblicato : 06/07/2018 14:24:29
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Hinowa: new rubber tracked aerial platform from the LightLift 13.70 family

In May 2017 Hinowa presented to the public the new aerial tracked platform at the Apex exhibition in Amsterdam: LightLift 13.70 Performance IIIS.

Compactness, durability and functionality are the distinguishing features of the new Hinowa aerial platform, with its 7,08m of operating outreach and working height of 13,30m and 230kg of load capacity. Speaking about the dimension, the new Hinowa Lightlift 13.70 has got a stabilization area of 2,8m x 2,8 m and without the basket its footprint measures 3,28m length and it’s shorter than 2m. Thanks to its small dimension and the possibility of detaching the basket, with the new aerial tracked platform it’s easy to move around also trough confined and small spaces and doorways. Another advantage of the Lightlift 13.70 is the rounded edges basket, which gives higher precision and allows a better approach to the walls for more precise works.

The standard LightLift 13.70 Performance IIIS aerial tracked platform is equipped with fixed carriage that measures 786mm, but as a client desires, it’s possible to have a version with dual-speed variable undercarriage measuring 748-1100mm.

Speaking about the engine, Hinowa proposes 3 options: the Honda iGX390 gasoline power unit with 11,7 horsepower (8,7 kW/h), the Diesel engine power unit Hatz 1B40 with 10 horsepower (7,5 kW/h) and the electric engine with lithium ions (3,6 kW/h).

The new aerial platform LightLift 13.70 Performance IIIS has been well designed from a security point of view, in fact it’s equipped with a stabilizer till 16° of incline and with the anti-entrapment SkyGuard®, which protects the workers on the platform. In case of dangerous conditions, the aerial platform decreases its speed and stops; the new LightLift 13.70 has also a GPS device that localizes the platform in any moment.

Also the new aerial platform, as all Hinowa machineries, is equipped with the diagnostic and control system RAHM which allows a continuous and constant control of the tracked machine, also from afar: a complete remote diagnosis is allowed.


Images source: https://www.hinowa.com/varie/nuova-lightlift-13-70-performance-iiis

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