How not to stop your construction site when you rip a rubber track? Simple!

Pubblicato : 06/21/2021 11:43:00
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How not to stop your construction site when you rip a rubber track? Simple!

The rubber track is the ideal product to mount on excavators and mini-excavators working in road construction sites, lawns, public gardens, floors, concrete beats and on all those "delicate" surfaces that should be preserved during the works.

If an iron track, by its nature, tends to wear slower than a rubber track, it is also true that this will furrow the ground on which it rests and drives: we can therefore say that rubber tracks are more delicate than iron tracks, but these respect the surfaces on which they rest by consuming their tread. (Find out how to minimize the wear of your rubber tracks)


From this we deduce that iron tracks are more durable than rubber tracks, but if what I need on site is a mini-excavator that respects the work site, I should be aware that the wear of a rubber track is greater than that of an iron track, but also that there is a way not to have to stop your work site as a result of a broken track.


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How not to stop your jobsite when you tear a rubber track? Simple!


At the moment of the substitution of your rubber tracks you will have been undoubtedly advised to change both of them in order not to create unbalances and consequent damages on your crawler and it is just starting from this wise advice, that you can deduce how to face an unexpected breakage of a rubber track... Replacing the couple tracks, you will be able to keep the less worn and not torn track for an eventual emergency.

It is as simple as smart this solution that we suggest: replace the rubber tracks ALWAYS in pair, keeping the less worn product, so you can quickly mount and reuse it in case of emergency!


By following this simple advice, you will never have to suspend a single day of work on the construction site!

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