How to buy online on

Pubblicato : 11/18/2019 08:55:33
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How to buy online on

Are you looking for reinforced rubber tracks for mini-excavators, excavators, skid steer loaders, dumper, tracked drilling machineries, tracked lifts, etc…? On our webshop you can find reinforced rubber tracks with Continuous Steel Cord technology perfect for your building machineries.

Thanks to the long-standing experience in the aftermarket spare parts purchase, we can propose to our customers valiant products, extremely convenient, with precise and fast deliveries, often offered for free from the company PowerTrack.


Buying your rubber tracks for tracked building machineries on is extremely easy: you just need to register online clicking on the SIGN IN button and once you’ve created your PowerTrack account, you can search the rubbers track measure you need (click here to discover how to do it).

In order to finalize your purchase of rubber tracks for your mini excavator on our web shop, you’ll just need to add the products in the cart, where you can confirm or modify the quantity of products you want to buy online. After this it will be necessary to confirm, modify or create a new address, if the delivery address is different from the invoice address given at the moment of the registration. This is how you can add a new address or modify the delivery address during the check-out.

The last step to complete the order is the online payment: secure and protected: click here to know more about it!

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