K, N, W, B, T, Y, EK: Rubber tracks or Battleship?

Pubblicato : 02/05/2021 18:03:00
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K, N, W, B, T, Y, EK: Rubber tracks or Battleship?

Some PowerTrack rubber track sizes have letters after the tooth number or the pitch, i.e. the distance between the center of the tooth and the next center of the tooth (read the MEASURE & ASSEMBLY page for more details on rubber track sizes).


But what do these letters represent? What is the difference between one and the others?


It's very simple, these letters identify a very precise application indicating the type of driving of the vehicle; more specifically they indicate how the undercarriage rests on the internal part of the rubber track. This is a convention adopted to identify very quickly and easily which is the application of a specific measure.


Being a mere convention there is no universal legend that unifies the letters added at the end of the measure and the guides, for this reason on PowerTrack.it we provide on each product page a simple technical sheet complete with all the guides of rubber tracks and the type of roller of the specific application.


Some rubber tracks have identical size but guides, and consequently very different applications, for this reason it is important that before proceeding with the choice and the purchase of a measure of rubber tracks, we compare with an expert in order to verify the precise and correct application.


Our advanced search engine will help you select the perfect track for your crawler, but if you are unsure of your selection you can email us at INFO@POWERTRACK.IT or find us in Chat online every weekday.

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