KOBELCO: quality as forma mentis

Pubblicato : 09/26/2018 12:13:10
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KOBELCO: quality as forma mentis

Kobelco bases its production on technological innovation and best product quality, this is why we can consider it as a Japanese leader factory in buildings sector.

Second to none, thanks to its strong point, Kobelco knows how to combine the manual work of its experts with the technological progress. As the Itsukaichi production direction stated: thanks to the manual manufacture of any single mini-excavator, it’s possible for the Japanese company to have a precise and a close-range view of the production processes and consequently the possibility of perfecting these procedures.

In the last three years Kobelco company improved its production of new mini-excavators, especially for the models among 1 and 8 tons of weight. All those technologies that we were used to see and find only on big excavators, are now installed on all Kobelco rubber tracked mini-excavators.

Let’s observe the Kubota SK28SR-6, which has been recently launched at the GaLaBau fair in Nuremberg: the advanced and innovative cooling system iNDR - Integrated Noise & Dust Reduction has been integrated on the mini-excavator. By now also the operators who work with mini and midi-excavators will take advantages of the higher reliability and the low-noise functioning of these rubber tracked machineries.

From the date of the introduction of the first hydraulic Kobelco tracked mini-excavator, in 1967, we can surmise that the technological and qualitative researches are the foundation of the Kobelco company progress.

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