Quelli del movimento terra

Pubblicato : 10/26/2020 17:31:17
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Quelli del movimento terra

Quelli del movimento terra", also known by the acronym "Qdmt", is a project born in 2009 by a Facebook group with the mere purpose of sharing the passion and knowledge of the many fans of construction equipment, earthmoving, construction and road equipment.

To date, the fb group that has achieved remarkable success with its 16,000 members is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg, as Qdmt is also a portal that connects many companies in the construction industry offering useful services for construction enthusiasts and experts.


Roberto Tonon - Quelli del movimento terra

Roberto Tonon, founder and administrator of "Quelli del movimento terra".


Here is what they say about their portal and the proposed activities and services: "We aim to become the essential reference for the entire construction industry, offering the largest meeting point between supply and demand, where professionals and insiders have the opportunity to find used tracked and wheeled construction machinery and spare parts, view the technical data sheets of construction machinery and new equipment, consult a search / offer exclusive work for earthmoving. All in one platform.

The portal also allows users to keep up to date with industry news, save their favorite products and enter their CV to search for a job. Companies also have the possibility to sell used products and publish job offers, while manufacturers and dealers can propose new and used machines. Finally, we would like to highlight the new Enterprise Project, the system that helps construction companies quickly find what they need when they work away from their headquarters".

"Qdmt" is not only a group of experts where enthusiasts and professionals exchange advice and ideas, but a community that offers many services and opportunities to network and do business with a basis of friendship, passion, collaboration and mutual respect created over the years among the members of the group.

Here are the categories of products offered on the platform of "Quelli del movimento terra":

Construction Machinery

Equipments and equipment


Commercial Vehicles


Demolition and crushing

Spare parts

Electronic Instrumentation


Agricultural Machines

Green / forest


The list of categories of products offered by the community, is very similar to that of the News, we recommend you to visit the website and see the huge range of products and information material made available.













To know the Team of "Quelli del movimento terra" and their PARTNERS just visit www.quellidelmovimentoterra.it

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