The 10 PowerTrack commandments

Pubblicato : 09/15/2020 07:09:45
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The 10 PowerTrack commandments
  1. Buy rubber tracks made with high quality raw materials.
  2. Always choose rubber tracks with Continuous Steel Cord technology for greater durability.
  3. Find the perfect size of PowerTrack rubber tracks before you buy online. If you have any questions, please contact us at INFO@POWERTRACK.IT
  4. Love, respect and honor your mini excavator.
  5. Remember to carefully clean the rubber tracks and your vehicle after each use.
  6. Do not stand on oil, grease and dirt stains.
  7. Contact the manufacturer of your vehicle before replacing the iron tracks with new PowerTrack rubber tracks to make sure that the undercarriage is suitable for changing from iron to rubber.
  8. Periodically check the tension of your tracks. (For more information please read the detailed instructions on the MEASURE AND ASSEMBLY page).
  9. Moderate the speed of your transfers.
  10. NEVER face corners and steps in a tangent manner, so as to avoid cuts on the rubber.

We wanted to show you which are the best behaviors to adopt with your tracked vehicle, so as to preserve the tracks and the machinery in all its parts.
If you have doubts, questions or perplexities do not hesitate to write us an email to our email address INFO@POWERTRACK.IT or you can find us in chat every day.

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