The High House

Pubblicato : 01/13/2020 10:00:00
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The High House

On the occasion of World Snow Day we would like to tell you the story of the High House, an extremely special and valuable chalet built in 2017 for a private family. It is an unconventional chalet which, thanks to its particular structure and the innovative materials used for its construction, adapts to nature and camouflages itself with both the white of winter and the darker summer colours of herbs and rocks.

An eco-sustainable project by the Parisian studio Delordinaire stands like a pile dwelling in the Quebec region of Canada. Immersed in the snow and not in the water, its 4-meter-high pillars allow you to cross the line of trees that surround it and the extremely large windows give the owners of the unique chalet a breathtaking view of Mont Saint Anne, surrounded by nature as you would never imagine staying inside. The view is not the only advantage, the height of the house allows sunlight to filter through the windows at any time of the day, thus contributing to the natural and free heating of the house.

The aim of the Parisian project is the integration of the chalet with nature and the strength lies in the materials used for the construction of this unique mountain house. The panels that make up the cladding of the structure are in white concrete for the walls and in corrugated steel for the roof, in order to allow a complete camouflage of the structure with the surrounding nature both in winter and in summer. The interior of the High House, on the other hand, is in wood: floors and coverings, while the infill panels are made of transparent resin.

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