The Special Construction Workers' Funds

Pubblicato : 01/23/2020 12:20:00
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The Special Construction Workers' Funds

The Special Construction Workers' Fund is the institution responsible for protecting the rights of workers in the building and crafts sector. Professionals in the sector are facing, on a practical level, with a unique work on the basis of the composition of the procedures; these works are therefore considered very different from the others and it was thought that a special body should be set up to deal with the protection of workers in the sector.

The Special Construction Workers' Fund was designed and established in order to fill the legislative gap in terms of rights and protections of the construction sector worker, who often has to deal with an irregular work landscape with frequent changes of project, company, employer and work site. Typical of this work is also the irregularity of working days, often only a couple of days a week are occupied with different hours from the classic ones known to all. This organization, recognized to all intents and purposes by law two years after its establishment, regulates all this and also the remuneration in case of accident for workers who are involved in accidents; currently the building fund represents the main point of reference for the intermediation of work relations between employees and entrepreneurs in the construction and craft sector.

Workers in the sector, and the construction sector itself, are governed by laws and regulations that are unique in their kind precisely because of the nature of the work itself; in order to enforce these laws, the first building fund in Italy was founded in Milan in 1919. The establishment of the first Construction Workers' Fund in Italy was only possible thanks to the collaboration between the college of master builders and the association "Mutual Improvement among bricklayers" and the sector workers of Milan". The first name of the institution was: "Cassa per i sussidi di disoccupazione involontaria per gli operai edili" and it was born with the aim to guarantee to the employees of these sectors more consideration and protection in terms of unemployment, accidents, retirement and holidays.

To this day there are 120 Special Construction Workers' Fund on the Italian territory and it is essential to remember that these are private entities not financed by public money, but by the constant payments of the workers in the sector registered with the institution, which according to the Provincial Contract of Labour amount to about 12% of the monthly salary.

The function of the Construction Workers' Funds is not limited to the economic protection of the rights of workers in the construction and craft sector in the event of accidents and injuries, but also deals with holidays, thirteenth and fourteenth salaries, unemployment, pension, payment of medical expenses for the worker and his family, payment of uniforms and clothing for work, contributions for the study of children of members, etc..

It can be said that the Construction Workers' Fund is an institution of fundamental importance in support of the construction and craft sector in our country.

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