The World's First 100% Electric Tracked Loader

Pubblicato : 02/28/2022 06:00:00
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The World's First 100% Electric Tracked Loader

It was Doosan Bobcat that created the world's first all-electric skid-steer loader. The T7X was unveiled at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, the world's leading technology innovation show, where it was awarded two Innovation Awards, in the respective categories of "Vehicle Intelligence & Transportation" and "Smart Cities."

On its revolutionary skid steer loader, the company says, "fully battery-powered, built to be more productive from the ground up with electric actuation and propulsion, quieter with high-performance torque and more powerful than any diesel-powered track loader that has ever come before - all while eliminating any carbon emissions."

track loader electric bobcat T7X


The traditional hydraulic work unit has been replaced by an electric drive system consisting of electric cylinders and electric drive motors, which means virtually no fuel. The T7X skid steer loader uses only one-quarter as much environmentally friendly coolant as the 57 gallons of fluid in its diesel/hydraulic equivalent model.

The all-electric platform is said to allow instant power and peak torque at every operating speed, and because it operates with zero emissions and reduced noise and vibration, it works quietly and efficiently in noise-sensitive areas and indoors.

The T7X is powered by a 62KW lithium-ion battery from technology partner Green Machine Equipment. While applications vary, each charge can support common daily work operations - the use of smart work modes allows up to four hours of continuous operation, or a full day of operation with intermittent use.


The switch to electric means Bobcat's track loader uses virtually no petroleum products. The all-electric T7X uses only a quarter of an "environmentally friendly coolant," compared to the more than 50 gallons of hydraulic oil used in an equivalent diesel/hydraulic or electric/hydraulic model. An added benefit of fluid abandonment? The machine operator no longer has to wait for the standard hydraulic system to "warm up" in order to use it.

Below is a video of the T7X skid-steer loader in action:

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