DIGGERLAND - the excavators theme park

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DIGGERLAND - the excavators theme park


Diggerland Adventure Parks is the brainchild of Hugh Edeleanu, president of H. E. Services, Europe's largest supplier of excavator rentals. The idea for Diggerland came to Hugh after a family open day in 1996, when the children were fascinated by all the machinery and sat on the diggers, which looked like bigger toys to them, and it seemed as if their playroom had come to life. It was a real flash of genius. With this vision, Hugh saw the potential and the Diggerland concept was born - this is the story of Diggerland!


What sets Diggerland apart from its competitors is that it's really fun for the whole family: all ages can participate in the ride, and little ones can drive the vehicles under the supervision of their parents. Perfect for family rides.


The Diggerland concept is simple but unique. Not only do they have construction machinery parked at one site, each of the parks has over 20 different rides with over 100 machines, and new rides and attractions are introduced every year.


Diggerland Kent opened in April 2000 and the park was an immediate success, with over 20,000 visitors in the first year. Customer demand was so great that Diggerland Kent moved to a new location in 2003 and now has a capacity of 2,000 visitors per day. 


Such was the success that three other parks were opened in the country, in Durham, West Yorkshire and Devon. 


"The Diggerland concept is global: America gave the world Disney and we gave the world Diggerland," says founder Hugh Edeleanu.




Thwaites' 1-ton dump truck engines have been slowed to walking speed so they can be driven safely by children of all ages on a specially designed ride.

From the official website www.diggerland.com


For all kids who want to be construction workers when they grow up, the JCB 3CX is the first stop to drive a real JCB.


The attraction is by far one of the most popular, and kids can't wait to get inside an 8½-ton backhoe. Up to four visitors can ride the attraction along with a trained attendant and learn how to use all the important controls in the cab. 



This attraction involves trying to knock down pins with a baseball-sized wrecking ball attached to the boom of a Komatsu PC14 mini-excavator.

This game tests concentration, hand-eye coordination and learning skills. In short, this is where we see who has what it takes to be a digger.


A very high level of epicness has been reached with this attraction. The attraction is not for the faint of heart, but it is tailor-made for thrill seekers. The unique attraction uses a Komatsu PC210 weighing more than 22 tons and transforms it into an excavator with extra seats in the bucket. 

You can see for yourself why this ride is the most popular of them all, but if you're still in doubt, we'll leave you with the official video below.



Official website: https://www.diggerland.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Diggerland/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/diggerland.uk/?hl=en

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