In Komatsu the KomVision satisfies the new law ISO 5006:20017

Pubblicato : 10/10/2018 16:12:46
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In Komatsu the KomVision satisfies the new law ISO 5006:20017

During the 2017 a new regulation of the European Union, concerning the security of building machineries and tools, has been launched: the EN474-1. The regulation, on January, allowed the entry into effect of the law ISO5006:2017, which replaces the law ISO5006:2008, referring to the operator’s field-of-view.

The regulation regards all those operating machineries working in building sites or public streets and that host a seated operator on them. Specifically, the law ISO5006:2017 is referred to the view that the operators need to have, all around the machinery, while working on it. The view is limited on the right from the arm and also from the compartment hosting the engine and the pump, behind the cockpit.

In order to conform to the new law, the Japanese brand Komatsu developed and installed the new device named KomVision on all its machineries.

KomVsion not only respects the new law ISO5006:2017, but it offers to the operators a complete and live view of the area surrounding the Komatsu mini excavator. The KomVision device allows the operators to observe also the direction the bumper is taking and its gap with the neighbouring obstacles.

The cameras, that on the base of the different Komatsu machineries can be three or four, give to the operators a 300° vision on the standard mini-excavators, while on the zero-tail swing excavators the cameras film 240° around the machinery; combining the two views, cameras and human eyes, the 360° around the Komatsu are under control.

The cams are respectively placed: one on the high left extremity of the excavator, another one on the back of the cockpit and one on the right part of it, giving the operators the so-called “birds eye view”. This type of technology puts together the view of a single camera with the others, creating a unique image that can be observed full screen or smaller, on the left of the screen, while on the right of the screen the driver can decide which of the other cameras displaying.

Komatsu and KomVision make an all-around vision available to the operators, so that with a rapid look all the mini excavator neighbouring area is under control.

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