: the new Komatsu second hand machineries webshop! : the new Komatsu second hand machineries webshop! : the new Komatsu second hand machineries webshop!

Haven’t you already visited the new website What you lost is the new Komatsu second hand building machineries online shop, totally re-projected, well organized and very important for the machinery constructor web market.

In June 2019 Komatsu Europe announced to have made new modifies to its website specialized in the online used building machineries purchase. This new platform allows, on one hand a rapid access to a rich showcase for all the interested of this sector and on the other hand, allows Komatsu to be present in first line on the used building machineries online market. Being able to manage, analyze and directly control the second hand building machineries resale is a big advantage for the producer Komatsu and its European dealers, with whom Komatsu is managing the website:

The IMS system (Komatsu stock managing system) is available for any Komatsu official European dealer, who with few clicks can broadcast and publish announces for used building machineries that want to put again on the market. This system allows the sellers to publish on different social media platforms and/or website the same announce, in order to spread it easily and faster.

We suggest you to visit and test the new website online as classic website or you can check the used tracked machineries list! The users can search for any type of machineries so easily thanks to filters offered from Komatsu: price, geolocalization, worked hours, year of production, type of machinery, type of excavator, producer, model, etc…

This website that offers second hand tracked machineries, totally renewed and redesigned, is the classic cherry on top for a company that has solid bases and that boasts an important European and worldwide network.

Giovanni Guidi, responsible manager of the Komatsu Europe project, underlines: “All these services move us closer to the customers, making us every day more efficient and this advantage condition will also allow the company to optimize the purchases offering an even better European post-sales assistance, thanks to the extended Komatsu dealer net and particularly thanks to the Mascus Team support.”



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