JCB amazes everybody with the first silent and eco-friendly mini-excavator

JCB amazes everybody with the first silent and eco-friendly mini-excavator

JCB amazes everybody with the first silent and eco-friendly mini-excavator

We’re close to the presentation of the new JCB mini-excavator, which has been secretly designed and developed at the World Headquarter in Staffordshire. We’re going to put it to the test before the end of the year.

JCB 19C-1 E-TEC is the first JCB miniexcavator with electrical zero-emission and a particular silent engine.

This new electrical miniexcavator engine allows to work in areas which are particularly delicate and sensible to emissions and the worker in the sector will take advantages using the new electrical JCB also inside buildings, tunnels and subsoil, without the installation and setup of high-priced air filtration systems.

The new electrical JCB 19C-1 reduces pollution and acoustic emissions, lower than 7dB, and it’s five times quieter than its diesel engine twin. This is a great advantage for all those Companies that works nearby sensible areas such as schools and hospitals, or those who needs to work beyond the standard working hours, not disturbing the public stillness.

The electrical engine offers also great performances, in fact it can face one entire working day with just one recharge and without having to check daily the levels of motor oil and cooling liquid. The President Lord Bamford settled that in the last years JCB company is working hard in order to develop eco-friendly building machineries at the vanguard and the launch of the first zero-emission electrical JCB mini-excavator is a real revolution in the building sector. “A bright zero-emission future opened up, for JCB, and from now a rising number of construction sites will be operative also during the nights and close to noise-sensitive buildings and delicate areas” claimed Tim Burnhope, responsible of the Innovation and development office in Rocester.

These new electrical engines are supplied of three new generations 104 Ah battery packs, which can dispense a capacity of 312 Ah (15 kWh) and the modular batteries, already chosen for the modern electrical cars, use the innovative NMC Li-ion cells.

Some details about the electrical JCB 19C-1 E-TEC:

• Load sensing hydraulic system branded Bosh-Rexroth in order to guarantee the 1,9 tons excavators performances

• Equal undercarriage and digging equipment of the Diesel JCB mini excavator version

• Excavation depth: 2,57m

• Excavator arm dipper: 1,10m

• Electrical charger on board for a complete charging cycle (230V)

• Fast-charge option: separated heavy duty charger able to totally charge up the batteries in 2,5 hours.

• New box section arm with dipper

• Charge display easy-to-ready

The new JCB electrical rubber-tracked mini-excavator will be available at first in the canopy version, with ROPS/TOPS and FOGS certifications.