Volvo in Norway for the protection of the biodiversity

Volvo in Norway for the protection of the biodiversity

Volvo in Norway for the protection of the biodiversity

The Norwegian Government with the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) promoted, financed and sustained the so-called project: Svalbard Global Seed Vault.

This project, which has been rolled out in February 2008, it simply is a germ plasm bank or a seeds bank that collects and contains all what we can plant and grow on planet Heart. Main aim of the project is to store all those seeds, in order to maintain the global food biodiversity.

This germ’s archive is located in the Norwegian Svalbard islands, specifically on Spitsbergen island, 1300 km from the North Pole. This archive has been built in permafrost, the area of soil, which is permanently frozen, in order to stock all the seeds maintaining them to a constant temperature of -18°C.

Leonhard Nilsen & Sønner (LNS), an important customer of the Norwegian Volvo dealer Volvo Maskin AS, has been designated as official builder of the structure; easy to guess, the building tracked machineries used for the realization of this project were Volvo machineries.

In the month of February, to celebrate the 10th anniversary, new seeds have been brought to Svalbard, reaching so 1 Billion of samples coming from 74 different Countries from all over the World. Despite the great number of seeds present there, there’s still place for other 3,5 vegetal species.

Due to the global warming, one year ago, the building has been subjected to seepages and new maintenance works were indispensable. Also for these fixing works the machineries used were Volvo, among these a Volvo EC460 has been used.

Volvo CE (Construction Equipment) proves itself to be a green company, that works for the environmental protection.