CATERPILLAR and the Guinness World Record

CATERPILLAR and the Guinness World Record

CATERPILLAR and the Guinness World Record

Have you ever wondered to enjoy yourselves playing Jenga with your friends in the comfort of your CAT tracked excavator, grabbing its knobs and not the classic wooden planks of the classic board game of the 70’s? Chad Cremeens did it!

The Field Operation Manager Caterpillar proposed an innovative and funny game selecting, with the help of his team, five CAT machineries to be used as pawns:

• a tracked excavator CATERPILLAR 349E

• a tracked excavator CATERPILLAR 320E

• an excavator CATERPILLAR M316D

• a telescopic machinery CATERPILLAR TH514C

• a skid-steer loader CATERPILLAR 277D

The first obstacle for the realization of the game has been faced with the research and the choice of the planks to use during the record event, need that has been satisfied from a company from Oregon, who supplied CATERPILLAR with 27 wooden boards respectively of 243,8cm of length, 81,2cm of width and 40,6cm of height with a total of 270kg each.

Planned the first 5 moves of the game Chad Field, Operations Manager Caterpillar and his team, left the game of the record to dictate the next ones, even if we have to admit that planning has been the watchword of the event with safety and coordination.

Each player has been guided by Chad Cremeens who, feet on the ground, led the group without using any CAT building machinery, with the aim of the classic Jenga game: pulling out the planks and putting them on the top of the tower with extreme precision, in order to make the tower grown as much as possible. In the full respect of the driver-player safety, the game lasted 28hours and 16 boards have been removed and precisely placed on the top of the tower which reached 13 levels, starting the game with 9 total levels.


The American company producer of building machineries CATERPILLAR, member of UNACEA (CLICK HERE to know more about it) is well-known for its great product presentations: always original, innovative and captivating. With the realization of this huge Jenga games they involved and amused also who is far from the building sector, provoking positive reactions and great excitement inside the company already at the moment of the first event hint, as admitted Archie Lyons, Caterpillar Brand Creative Director.


CATERPILLAR, well-known for its innovative and sustainable projects such as CAT REMAN, gained a record in the Guinness World Record for the hugest Jenga game of the world.