How to choose the perfect rubber track for your tracked mini-excavator?

How to choose the perfect rubber track for your tracked mini-excavator?

How to choose the perfect rubber track for your tracked mini-excavator?

There are three ways to find the perfect replacement rubber track measure for your tracked construction vehicle. The easiest and most correct way to select the rubber track size for your construction equipment is to check the worn track you want to replace, looking for the size printed inside the track, so as to buy an identical rubber track, new and in excellent condition. The size of the rubber tracks will be presented as numbers separated by three Xs.

If the size printed inside the rubber track has disappeared over the years and with the wear of the rubber, the use of our online advanced search engine is the quickest and easiest alternative. Enter the brand and model of your vehicle and the advanced search engine will automatically propose the right track for that application. We advise you to insert the brand and model you find indicated on the identification plate of the vehicle and if more than one track is proposed to you, be careful that it does not mean that all the measures proposed are compatible with your tracked vehicle, but that you must proceed with a further check, this time directly on the track you want to replace.

It is necessary to physically take the measurements of a rubber track not only if you do not know the precise make and model of the construction vehicle or you cannot read the size printed inside the product, but also if your construction vehicle tracked had undergone changes to the undercarriage. How to measure a rubber track? There are three parameters to be measured in millimetres:

1. the width of the rubber track (in millimetres)

2. the distance between the centre of the tooth and the centre of the next tooth, also known as the pitch (in millimetres)

3. the number of teeth, or meshes, inside the track



In summary, we can define the size of rubber tracks suitable for our tracked construction vehicle in 3 ways:

- reading the measure printed inside the rubber track to be replaced

- using correctly the advanced search engine on Powertrack

- measuring the rubber track you want to replace


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