Hyundai's new HX85A midi-excavator impresses with exceptional power

Hyundai's new HX85A midi-excavator impresses with exceptional power

Hyundai's new HX85A midi-excavator impresses with exceptional power

Hyundai's range of mid-size excavators is expanding with the arrival of the new HX85A model in the UK and European markets. The new HX85A, currently available for purchase in Europe, is the ideal machine for work in urban environments with its 9 tons weight.


HX85A - new lines, technologies and ergonomic interiors

From the shape of the new rear hood, to the ergonomic interior of the cab with 360° visibility, through to the new intuitive and cutting-edge technologies that allow maximum control and peace of mind on site: this is what the Hyundai HX85A midi-excavator offers us.


HX85A offers exceptional power

Thanks to the new 66.9hp (49.9kW) Yanmar engine, the Hyundai HX85A midi-excavator shows reduced fuel consumption, just like the engine noise which is remarkably low, but on the contrary the performance of the hydraulic system ensures excellent performance, especially when performing multiple simultaneous movements. The double boom ensures a maximum outreach of 7.48 m: the ability to operate close to the tracks and dig vertically without effort (max digging depth of 4.66 m). Therefore, the HX85A midi excavator equipped with a dual boom becomes a highly flexible machine that can be used in a wider range of applications. Using the 4-way angled blade, leveling has never been easier, and the versatility of the HX85A is further enhanced. Despite the machine's conventional upper structure, the excavator benefits from a small footprint thanks to a rear swing radius of just 1.60m. The overall compact dimensions of the HX85A give the machine considerable stability while making it perfect for working in confined spaces such as those on urban job sites.




Dual boom*: Ability to work long distance / close range

Load Sensing System: Superior controllability

Outstanding stability: Optimum performance

Spacious new cab: Increased operator comfort

Stunning design: Easily recognizable

Smart key + Start/Stop button*: Operator convenience

LED lights*: Improved visibility

4-way angled dozer blade*: Exceptional versatility

* optional



Model: HX85A

Engine: Yanmar 4TNV98C (Stage V)

Net power: 49.9 kW / 66.9 hp

Operating weight: 9,250 kg (with 2-piece boom)

Maximum digging depth: 4,660 mm

Maximum digging reach: 7,480 mm

Counterweight pivot radius: 1,600 mm