How do I determine the correct size of my rubber tracks?

We have at least two ways to understand which measure of rubber tracks you need:

1. Check directly on your current rubber track the size that is stamped onto the rubber itself. If not, you can take three simple measurements on your old track:

2. The width of the track (millimetres); The distance from the centre of one link to the centre of the next link (millimetres); Count the number of all the links of the track

        How do I know if a rubber crawler is available in stock?

Looking at a product page, you will notice a green advice with a clear write: “Available” right close to the product image. On the contrary, if the product is out of stock, you’ll find an opposite advice and you will also find a future availability date.

How do I obtain a price for PowerTrack rubber tracks?

On our eShop you can simply fill a cart with the rubber tracks that you need and automatically the total amount of products, packaging, transport, taxes (potentially) will appear on your screen.

If you need a help in order to choose your rubber tracks, please do not hesitate to contact us at

        How much are the delivery costs?

Each rubber tracks size has a different weight and the transport fees are related to the weight of the goods delivered. The only one way to know the real costs of a delivery, is creating an account on our WebShop and fill a cart with the rubber tracks you’re looking for. This is the only way you can estimate the delivery costs.

What forms of payment does PowerTrackaccept?

On our eCommerce website it’s possible for you to pay with: Credit card, PayPal, Bank Wire Transfer and more new secure methods. Take a look at our website page SECURE PAYMENT to know something more about it!


Where do you ship replacement rubber tracks?

At the moment the European and the Italian markets are the most relevant for us. Drop us an email at address or visit our CONTACT US page and sign up on our web shop to understand if we ship our aftermarket rubber tracks also in your Country!


How long have I to wait to receive the ordered goods?

Thanks to important collaboration with the biggest European courier companies, we can guarantee you deliveries in 48/72h all over Europe: promptness is our must!

Processing and delivery time have to be the briefest possible, in order to satisfy the necessity of our customers; we know very well that changing a rubber track is a necessity and most of all it’s urgent!

See more on our page DELIVERY

        Can I collect the rubber crawlers directly by your warehouse?

Sadly not. We’re an eCommerce company and we’re not allowed to purchase directly to you, you’ll need to place an order on our webshop and wait for our deliverer.

Where are you located and how can I reach someone of the team to talk to?

The company is located in Milan, in the north of the Italian peninsula. This is a strategic position in order to quickly send rubber tracks all over Italy and Europe. Feel free to drop us a couple of lines for any question at the email address

You can also visit our CONTACT US page and directly keep in touch with us.


Do you manufacture the rubber tracks by yourselves? Of which brand are the goods?

Thanks to our multi-year experience in the rubber crawlers sector, we decided to designate the production of rubber tracks to OEM manufacturers and the goods brand is: PowerTrack!


Do you sell used rubber tracks?

No, we don’t. We do not sell used rubber tracks because we do not want to let our customers purchase products with questionable usury conditions, origin and quality.


Is it good to change just one rubber track?

Changing only one track won’t immediately and heavily damage your machinery, but it’s right and proper to warn you about the consequences. When you replace just one rubber track, your miniexcavator, skeed steer loader, excavator or midi-excavator will work and will face an imbalanced condition that could cause future real damages.


How long does a rubber track last?

The lifetime of a rubber track depends on the surfaces the track is working on, the maintenance of the undercarriage and the care that the operator of the machine has.


Warranty conditions?

We have a 12 months warranty on all manufacturing defects; for any further question or warning, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address:



· Replace your track before it definitively breaks and keep it as a spare for a future emergency situation.

· In case of need, make sure to store your new rubber tracks in a cool and dry place, protected from the sun and the rain. In this way your tracks will be put in a safe place, far from the atmospheric agents.

· Changing both of your rubber tracks will play into your hands! The aftermarket rubber crawlers will last longer if they are aligned and if they work in a correct way…

· Clean undercarriage, clean tracks and a correct track tension will ensure higher performances to your machinery and, of course, your rubber tracks will last much longer.

· Avoid, as much as you can, to work or stop your machinery on oil, grease and fuel. The corrosive properties of these substances, regarding caoutchouc, are very famous.