How to create an online account on

How to create an online account on

How to create an online account on

We have already explained to you how to choose the right rubber track for your mini crawler excavator and how to buy PowerTrack rubber tracks with Continuous Steel Cord technology online on our website, today we will learn how to create an account on as a private user and as a company.


Click on the LOGIN button that you can find at the top right of all the pages of our web shop and enter your email address to start creating your account.

!WARNING! The e-mail address you enter must be correct, otherwise you will not be able to receive any communication from us!

The data you must enter in order to create an account are: your first name, your last name, an e-mail address, password and all the billing address data: First and last name of the invoice holder, a correct and online verifiable address consisting of street name, house number, zip code, city, country, province and phone number. Before proceeding with the saving of your new PowerTrack account you will need to agree to the privacy policy and confirm the correctness of the above data. The shipping address, if different from the billing address, must be added at a later time or during the check-out of your order, to see the tutorial video to learn how to do it, CLICK HERE.


In case you need to make the purchase on behalf of your company, you just need to fill in the fields: company name, intra-EU VAT number. Take care of the correctness of the intra-EU VAT number entered, if it is not correct or valid, we will not be able to process your order and you will have to pay us the amount of VAT at 22%.


As indicated in the terms and conditions of use, we will not be able to proceed with the processing of the order if there is a lack of basic data or these are incorrect and / or not verifiable online. For example, orders with an invalid or unverifiable online delivery address will be suspended until we have received the correct data.

!WARNING! You will not be able to receive an invoice for an order if your registration on the web shop has not been done correctly and completely, unfortunately we will not be able to meet these types of requests afterwards.